About UEG!

The Mission of University Endoscopy Group is to provide excellent gastrointestinal care in a timely fashion. Personalized, efficient and comprehensive care is provided for a wide array of gastrointestinal and liver diseases, by employing the newest medical technology and the highest clinical standards.

University Endoscopy Group

Bayside Endoscopy Center

Administrator: Kathy Abiri, RN, MS, CASC
Clinical Director: Kerri Alfieri, RN BSN

East Bay Endoscopy Center

Administrator: Kathy Abiri, RN, MS, CASC
Clinical Director: Sherri Tager, RN

East Greenwich Endoscopy Center

Administrator: Jane Carr, RN
Clinical Director: Stacy Tabele, RN, BSN

Ocean State Endoscopy Center

Administrator: Tina Woods, RN
Clinical Director: Michael Jollie, RN

Business Office

Business Office Manager: Loriann Caldwell
Beginning on 11/6/17

Rhode Island Central Billing Office

1637 Mineral Springs Avenue | Suite 203
North Providence, Rhode Island 02904

Ph: 401.383.0530  |  Fax: 401.383.7807

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As a freestanding, multi-specialty surgical facilities, the surgery centers which make up The University Endoscopy Group are part of a fast-growing nationwide trend toward outpatient surgeries being performed outside the hospital setting. As part of the University Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine Associates, we offer a convenient, comfortable, technologically advanced environment, where our team of surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals can focus on giving the outstanding care you deserve. And you get to return to the comforts of your own home the same day of your surgery. No emergency services are offered at our center and our procedures are less likely to be delayed.  We offer personal attention, the highest quality surgical care using the latest technology, all at an affordable cost.

Benefits of University Endoscopy Group

Efficiency: Turnaround time between surgeries is as much as three times faster than at hospitals, which means less waiting time for both physicians and patients. Our costs are competitive, at up to 40% less than area hospitals, thus reducing the patient’s out-of-pocket expenses.

Dependability: Scheduled surgery times are not likely to be delayed as they may be at hospitals. There is less waiting for an available surgery date making scheduling more convenient for both patients and physicians.

Comfort: Patients and their families can relax in a pleasant and soothing environment, far from the emergency and trauma situations one may witness in a hospital.

Technology: University Endoscopy Group boasts state-of-the-art medical technology making it possible for physicians to treat patients efficiently and comfortably, thus reducing the cost and discomfort associated with surgery.

Personal Care: Our friendly and well-trained staff offers both immediate personal service and highly professional care to all patients.

Financial Policy: We accept most major insurance plans. We also match in-network benefits for those plans with which we are currently out-of-network. Our staff will be happy to assist you in determining benefits at our facility. We are also able to make arrangements for those patients without insurance.